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Shopify Editable Content

The content must be in a Section. Include the section within the page template:

Note spaces add { % due to markdoc error.

{ % section 'about' % }

Save the file /sections/about.liquid and place the editable content along with the schema.

The section scheme tag {% schema %} ... {% endschema %} allows you to define various attributes of a section, such as the section name, any section blocks and settings to allow for theme editor customization options.

The name attribute determines the section title that is shown in the theme editor (in the left hand menu when customizing the page).

The settings attribute holds all the data about the editable fields. It is an array of objects, with each object representing an input.

The required attributes of an input are type, id and label.

All section setting IDs must be unique within each section. Having duplicate IDs within a section will result in an error.

The Input Settings page lists all the different types available such as text, textarea, checkbox and image_picker.

You can create blocks for a section. Blocks are reusable modules of content that can be added, removed, and reordered within a section.

Note spaces add { % due to markdoc error.

{ % schema % }
  "name": "About",
  "settings": [
      "type": "text",
      "id": "mytitle",
      "label": "My Title"
{ % endschema % }

Use setting values in the liquid template by referencing the id.

<h1>{{ section.settings.mytitle }}</h2>

It is preferable to use richtext for text requiring parapgraphs and basic markup such as bold and links. Otherwise, when using textarea line breaks will not show by default. Line breaks can be added with a filter.

{{ section.settings.mytextarea | newline_to_br }}

Gift Card

Customise the gift card image that is in the email notification.

The recommended size for gift card images is 950 px by 550 px (you can also use an aspect ratio of 5:3 or a minimum size of 450 px by 270 px).

Edit templates/gift-card.liquid.